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  • By using the Yearbook Order Center service, students who are enrolled in eligible high schools or elementary schools can purchase their annual yearbook online instead of waiting to order in person
  • Students who have already ordered their yearbook through Yearbook Order Center can use this service to check the status of their order, which will ship depending on what cycle the school chose
  • Yearbook Order Center is a product of Herff Jones, which is one of the largest yearbook providers in the United States today

To order a yearbook through Yearbook Order Center, students will need to have their school’s order number or will need to enter their school’s name. Each school sets their own unique deadline for ordering yearbooks, and there’s no guarantee that any books will be available after that deadline. The price of each school’s Herff Jones yearbooks is determined by how many pages there are, materials used, quality of the pages, and how long they are. Refunds for a Herff Jones yearbook bought through Yearbook Order Center may be processed online up until two weeks to the deadline. No refunds can be given on a Herff Jones yearbook that’s already been received unless their is a printing issue that’s the fault of Herff Jones.

What happens to old Herff Jones yearbooks and how are they shipped?

Any yearbook printed by Herff Jones that are not ordered are sent to the school each year, so customers who want to purchase a previous Herff Jones yearbook will need to contact their school. Herff Jones yearbooks are generally sent straight to the schools, and home delivery is only handled by the school.

  • The schools are responsible for actually getting yearbooks in the hands of the students each year, not Herff Jones, who just ships yearbooks straight to the school in a large batch

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