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Where To Credit

  • Flyers can find the most advantageous airline to credit their frequent flyer miles to
  • The Where to Credit web site works with almost all major airline alliances like Star Alliance, SkyTeam, and OneWorld
  • The most important thing to remember when using Where to Credit is to use the airline that is actually operating the flight, not an airline using a codeshare situation

Many flyers have one certain airline that they like to travel more than others, if only to rack up frequent flyer miles even faster. But if someone is taking a trip on an airline they don’t usually fly with, those miles don’t have to go to waste. They can likely be credited to a partner airline that the traveler does fly with. Some airlines will credit a portion of miles from another carrier, while some will credit 100%, so it’s important to use Where to Credit to see the best situation.

Where To Credit Comments

  • Flyers can figure out the best place to credit their plan trip to maximize their frequent flyer miles and rewards
  • Flyers who may be traveling an unfamiliar route can take a look at the benefits of crediting their miles to each different airline
  • Before Where to Credit, flyers would have to find this information from each specific airline’s website
  • Wheretocredit does offer links to airline website to make sure information is as up to date as possible.

Of course, the amount of miles earned depends on the class of travel the flyer is using, and Where to Credit takes that into account. Where to Credit even offers a Chrome extension that lets travelers see how many miles they would earn booking from a site like Orbitz or Hotwire.

To contact Where to Credit:

Where to Credit doesn’t offer any contact information of their own, but recommends that customers who have questions about crediting frequent flyer miles contact the specific airlines they are interested in.

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