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VGS Survey

  • Make sure you have your receipt with the 18 digit survey code
  • VG’s Grocery has around a dozen locations in Eastern Michigan
  • SpartanNash owns 16 different independent grocery store chains around the nation

The SpartanNash company is made up of dozens of small, independent grocery store chains, including VG’s. With about a dozen locations in Eastern Michigan, VG’s has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most trusted grocery stores. They strive to provide some of the highest quality and freshest foods available while backing it up with excellent customer service. The customer truly does matter to every singe SpartanNash customer, regardless of the individual grocery store.

Any business needs customer feedback to truly grow, but that’s even more true for small independent stores. The best way for these stores to serve their customers is to simply listen to feedback and act on it. VG’s truly does care about their customers, and it’s evident in the way they operate.

To give their customers as much of a voice as possible, the SpartanNash company (their parent company) has set up an online customer service survey. With this survey, guests have the chance to share everything about their shopping trip, including the quality of the customer service, the store itself, and the foods available.

You will be asked to enter your personal information, but you will not be contacted about the answers that you give. In fact, the data is collected by a third party, so your name is never affiliated with your survey response. So take the time and feel free to give honest opinions. There’s no reason to try to give the “right” answers. Remember that your answers will help make this business better for every single customer that walks through the doors.

To contact SpartanNash:

  • 850 76th St SW, Byron Center, MI 49315
  • (616) 878-2000