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VA Preparedness Survey

  • The VA Preparedness survey is designed to see how well prepared US veterans are for natural disasters
  • To take this survey, you will need special token that was given to you by the VA
  • It’s important to make sure United States veterans have every possible means of communication during a time of crisis

The VA Preparedness survey was sent to eligible veterans in the Northeast United States by the Veterans Health Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs to find out details about their experience with natural disasters, and how well prepared they are for them. The study also asks veterans the best way to communicate information to them in the wake of a natural disaster. Currently, the VA does not have a plan in place to contact veterans during an emergency. For many veterans, the VA is their only contact and only reliable method of getting critical information.

Overall, this survey is about helping United States veterans stay safe during natural disasters. The VHA and the DVA want to find out exactly how veterans want to be contacted during an emergency, then take every measure possible to use those methods. In an emergency, it’s important for veterans to know where they can seek shelter, and where they can find medical help if they need it.

The Veterans Administration understands that each veteran has different needs. For some, a text message or a smart phone alert would be the best method of contact. But since plenty of veterans don’t have access to a smart phone, some will need their contact by a traditional land line. Once the answers to this survey are received, the Veterans Administration will have a much better understanding of each veterans needs.

To contact the US Department of Veterans Affairs about this survey or any other issue:

  • 1 (800) 827-1000