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U.S. Cellular Pay Now

  • With US Cellular’s online portal, customers can logon to make a payment towards their account
  • Customers can also add funds to their US Cellular prepaid account, or set up US Cellular Auto Pay
  • There is no charge to sign up for online account management with US Cellular, and any US Cellular customer can sign up

For US Cellular customers, the best way to make a payment towards their account or to add funds to their prepaid account is to use the “Pay Now” portion of US Cellular’s web site. Customers who aren’t yet registered for an online US Cellular account can sign up for one, they will just need to have their account number, their cell phone number, and their personal contact information.

U.S. Cellular Pay Now Comments

  • Fast and easy
  • Ideal for all U.S. Cellular customers
  • Requires a valid email address to register

If customers want to set up Auto Pay for their US Cellular account, they can enter a debit or credit card, and their payment will automatically be debited from that account on the due date each month. Funds added to a US Cellular account through this site will be available instantly.

More Important Information about US Cellular

  • US Cellular has 6,700 employees in various locations across the United States
  • Any questions about the U.S. Cellular Pay Now services can be directed to 1-888-944-9400

Today, US Cellular is the USA’s fifth largest cell phone carrier. They have 4.9 million customers in over 25 states, and have an annual revenue of 3.8 billion dollars. US Cellular was founded in 1983 and has their current headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois.  Their current slogan is “In the Middle of America.”

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