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Unlock Your Pain

  • Visit Advanced Health Chiropractic at unlockyourpain.com to help identify the real cause of chronic pain
  • Potential patients can enter their e-mail address and request a free “Unlock Your Pain” analysis
  • In nearly 15 years, Dr. Kevin Plummer has helped more than 10,000 patients discover the true cause of their aches and pains

The staff at Advanced Health Chiropractic is trained to not just treat chronic pain, but to identify the root cause. Customers can request a free “Unlock the Cause of Your Pain” body analysis. There is a limit of 15 patients per day at Advanced Health Chiropractic, and appointment fill up very quickly.

Advanced Health Chiropractic uses a variety of methods to treat pain, including nutritional counseling, biomechanics, physical therapy, biomechanics instruction, biomechanics instruction, chiropractic services, personal injury claims (including motor vehicle collisions), movement analysis, weight loss and weight gain counseling, massage therapy referral, workplace injuries, ergonomic and attorney referral.

Unlock Your Pain 

  • Dr. Kevin Plummer and his staff at Advanced Health Chiropractic believes that every patient is different, and knows that pain can come from a number of sources – from a small accident to a disease to a slow degenerative condition that was developed from years of physical work
  • Advanced Health Chiropractic helps each patient craft a specific plan to unlock their pain and have their best feeling body in years
  • Advanced Health Chiropractic is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon

Using a multiple discipline approach, staff at Advanced Health Chiropractic have become experts in rehabilitation and injury recovery. Advanced Health  isn’t just limited to primary physician care, but also includes physical therapist methods of care. The care at Advanced Health Chiropractic is measurable tracked and results oriented. Depending on the specific needs of the patient, care includes mechanical, manual, integrator, activator, and low force therapy techniques.

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