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Union Pacific Rewards

  • Logon to access the Union Pacific Online rewards program
  • Union Pacific employees can earn points through service time, through training certifications, and through exemplary conduct, then use those points to shop for rewards
  • Around 50,000 employees currently work for Union Pacific, America’s largest railroad network

Employees of the Union Pacific Railroad company can logon to their Online Rewards account to spend accumulated points on great rewards like travel, electronics, and more. Union Pacific employees can earn points through service time, through completing various training certifications, and through showing conduct above and beyond what’s normally required.

Employees who are signing up for the Union Pacific Rewards program will need to use a personal address and login that is not the same as their Union Pacific credentials.

If employees don’t have enough points to purchase an item they want from the Union Pacific Rewards catalog, the points can still be used for a discount on that item. Orders placed by Union Pacific employees should arrive within 7 to 10 business days. Union Pacific employees can add items to an online “wish list” so that they can be purchased when points are available.

More about Union Pacific

The Union Pacific Railroad began in 1862, and still operated today in the United States — running from Chicago, Illinois and cities along the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. The Union Pacific is America’s largest railroad network. Union Pacific is famous for their “Big Boy” locomotives, which are very popular with train enthusiasts, and can be found in 8 cities around the US like Dallas, Texas, Scranton, Pennsylvania, St. Louis, Missouri, and Omaha, Nebraska. Cheyenne, Wyoming also has a Big Boy locomotive and is the home of Union Pacific’s last two operating steam locomotives.

To contact Union Pacific corporate headquarters:

  • Union Pacific Railroad, 1400 Douglas Street, Omaha, NE 68179
  • UP Main Number: 402-544-5000


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