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Uncle Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest

  • Beloved food giant Uncle Ben’s is sponsoring a wonderful contest especially for families with young children
  • The company is offering over a quarter million dollars to schools and families
  • The company hopes to instill children with healthy eating habits, teach lifelong skills, and foster an appreciation for great food

With the Uncle Ben’s Beginners contest, you could earn $15,000 and make your child a star just by sharing a favorite recipe! Create a short video that demonstrates a simple, family-friendly recipe and your child might win thousands of dollars!

Important Information

  • The contest is open to families with kids in kindergarten through eighth grade
  • Videos can’t be longer than 3 minutes
  • Your recipe must incorporate rice
  • Don’t use recipes that have won in the past
  • Your child has to be the star of the show – make sure he or she presents the recipe and participates in the food preparation
  • If you decide to include a song in your video, make absolutely sure it isn’t copyrighted because if it is, your entry will be disqualified
  • Grand prize winners will receive $15,000 for themselves and $30,000 for their school’s cafeteria

In order to qualify for the Uncle Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest, you must commit to a special hometown celebration event this coming December. If you can’t meet this commitment, you’re automatically ineligible.

How to Enter

  • Choose a recipe, brainstorm video ideas, and rehearse!
  • Shoot a short video (remember, three minutes or less) following the guidelines posted at unclebens.com
  • Once you’ve edited your video, upload it to unclebens.com/bens-beginners and complete the online entry form

Uncle Ben’s Beginners is an innovative way to create lasting memories, teach your kids important skills and lessons related to healthy food, and share great recipes – all while competing for an amazing prize! Check out past winners, learn the rules, and get inspired at unclebens.com/bensbeginners!