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UFix AT&T Restore

  • The AT&T UFix Restore web site lets customers who have U-Verse Internet service restore their router to factory settings to attempt to troubleshoot U-Verse Internet trouble
  • When Uverse customers visit the UFix page, any potential Internet problems will automatically be diagnosed
  • Once a Uverse gateway restore is initiated, customers may need to wait up to 10 minutes for the residential gateway to completely power down and power up again before any restoration is attempted

Instead of making ATT Uverse customers call support for issues with an Internet connection, AT&T has introduced a web based support system that can detect and fix some of the most common Internet problems without having to involve a human support tech. If there are no current Uverse issues, customers will see a green check box with the words “No Issues Were Found.” If the AT&T Diagnostic page does detect any problems, a summary of what’s wrong and how it can be fixed will be shows.

UFix AT&T Restore Comments

  • AT&T always automatically backs up Internet settings (like Wi-Fi network name and password) from their personal residential gateway to make for quick and easy restoration later on.
  • When Uverse users restore their gateway and transferring AT&T Wi-Fi settings, any connected laptops (also tablets, cell phones and other connected devices) will work like normal with no further changes needed
  • Once on the UFix Uverse restoration page, customers can click “View Available Backup” to see what information will actually be restored or click “Restore Now” to actually go ahead and transfer those settings

More about AT&T Uverse Internet

AT&T began their Uverse Internet service in 2006, and today offers U-Verse Internet service in 21 different states. Today, Uverse is available in over 3 billion households. In additional to high speed Internet, Uverse also offers television and phone services.

  • In some locations, ATT Uverse now offers GigaPower 1 Gigabyte Internet

To contact AT&T Uverse Customer Support

  • 800.288.2020

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