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Travelers e-pay

  • The Travelers e-pay service is set up for customers who have Travelers insurance to make an online payment to their Travelers bill
  • Travelers e-pay can be used for both individual and family insurance plans, plus Travelers business professional insurance plans
  • Payments made using Travelers online payments system will be processed at the end of the business day
  • A must for frequent business travelers

To use the Travelers e-pay service, customers will need to set up a Travelers account online using their account number and their personal information. If a customer doesn’t have a Travelers account, they’ll need to create one for free. A one time payment can be made through Travelers e-pay by using the Payment Express option, but customers will need to have a copy of their statement available (since they’ll need  to enter a Travelers’ account number or policy number plus their home ZIP code). One of the most popular options for making a Traveler’s Insurance payment online is the “Auto Pay” program. Customers who enroll in Traveler’s Auto Pay will have their payment automatically taken out of their account each month on the appropriate due date, making sure they never have to worry about being late with a payment. Traveler’s Insurance payments can also be mailed to Travelers Personal Insurance, P. O. Box 660326, Dallas, TX 75266-0326.

More About The Traveler’s Insurance Express Pay Program

Traveler’s Express pay operates through Electronic Funds Transfer (also called EFT for short) which uses the customer’s bank transit routing number and their bank account number each time a payment is made. Since this information is not stored using Express Pay, customers who are making recurring payment will need to set up an account so their information is stored.

Contacting Traveler’s Insurance

To contact a Traveler’s contact customer service about the e-pay option

  • Call 1-800-252-2268
  • Write to Travelers CL Remittance Center, PO BOX 660317, Dallas, TX 75266-0317

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