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Tracfone Switch

  • Customers who have a compatible cell phone can take their phone to Tracfone to switch their service and get special cell phone plan rates
  • Almost all 4G LTE and 3G smart phones are eligible to switch to Tracfone, with the only exception being Double Minutes cards
  • When customers switch their cell phone to Tracfone, they will usually be able to keep their number, and even their same cell network they’ve always used

To switch a phone to a Tracfone plan, customers will need to purchase a 4G LTE or a 3G Tracfone Activation Kits, as well as purchase¬† Tracfone airtime service plans. Once the Tracfone activation kit has been purchased, customers will need to click on the “Register CDMA” link on the Tracfone web site, and then choose “Activate CDMA” or “Activate GSM” depending on their cell phone settings.

Tracfone Switch Comments

  • Tracfone offers unlimited carryover, meaning that minutes purchased never expire, and will roll over to the next month if they’re unused (as long as the customer adds minutes to their Tracfone account at least one time every 6 months)
  • Tracfone reserves the right to cancel this promotion at anytime

More Important Things to Know About Tracfone

  • Was founded in 1996 and known as Topp Telecom Inc. at that time, and was a subsidiary of Mexico’s largest phone company
  • In a 2008 report, Tracfone had just over 400 employees that did not work at their retail stores

Tracfone Wireless (who has their current headquarters in Miami, Florida) has about 80,000 retail stores around the USA. Tracfone has agreements with almost all major cell carriers to use their networks, making it the most popular prepaid cell service in America. Today, Tracfone is well known for sponsoring the SafeLink Wireless program, which sponsors free or low cost cell phones to low income families.

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