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  • Target is the exclusive home of the BB-8 droid, a radio controlled vehicle that moves in any direction and beeps and boops with sounds directly from The Force Awakens
  • With special “Shop the Force” sections in all stores, Target has a whole galaxy of Star Wards merchandise available, with a lot of it not available anywhere else
  • From the newest “The Force Awakens” installment to the classic trilogy to the three episodes I to III in between, Target has gear for every Star Wars fan in the galaxy

The newest installment in the Star Wars franchise is here, and Target has an entire galaxy full of merchandise both from the new “The Force Awakens” movie, the classic trilogy, and Episodes I through III.

Target stores around the nation are setting up special “Shop the Force” stations packed with Star Wards t-shirts, home decor, figures, lightsabers and more. And while a lot of Star Wars merchandise can be found in just about any store, Target has a number of exclusive items that can’t be found anywhere else.

One of Target’s exclusive items is BB-8, a radio controlled, rolling, beeping droid that brings the excitement of “The Force Awakens” right to fans’ living rooms. The Target BB-8 droid rolls in any direction (controlled by a wireless controller), and makes sounds straight from the film with the push of a button. Also only at Target is the iconic Star Wars lightsaber that can be customized with Hasbro’s “Blade Builder” extensions – with over 100 different combinations available.

Target’s brand new Micro Machine Battle Sets lets fans hold the entire galaxy in their hands, with micro vehicles and playsets that lets them play out epic galactic battles any time.

To contact Target’s corporate offices about Star Wars toys:

  • 1 (800) 440-0680


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