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Synovus Online Banking

  • Customers of Synovus Bank can log on to manage their account, and can view their account balance, find images of paid checks, and pay bills online
  • Synovus customers have online access to any account they are named the owner of, including checking and savings, money market, loan), CD, IRA, and credit card accounts. The only exception is that CDs and IRAs, are not accessible through Synovus’ mobile banking
  • A mobile app is also available for Synovus customers to access the same information as the website, just conveniently on the move, and just as secure as the website

Synovus Bank is a financial services institution that’s located in Georgia, and offers traditional personal banking services, plus other services like business banking, corporate banking, investment and wealth management, plus mortgage services. Synovus business banking extends to lines of credit and loans, plus business checking accounts, and their corporate banking serve large businesses that multiple locations.

Synovus Bank offers online access for customers to manage their banking accounts 24 hours a day. Customers can find up to 18 months worth of past Synovus statements online, and there’s also the option for customers to choose paperless statements over standard, mailed statements.

More about Synovus Bank

Synovus Bank was founded in 1888, and has more than 125 years of financial experience. Mostly found in Georgia, Synovus has 29 local divisions around the state, just under 300 offices, and a little over 400 ATMs available to customers. Synovus found themselves in controversy in recent years when they were one of the biggest banks on the list of 150 that owned non-performing loans that were equal to 5% or more of their holdings. This is the threshold that the US government has set as a dangerous level that could potentially destroy a bank.

To contact Synovus Bank

  • 1-888-SYNOVUS
  • info@synovus.com
  • P.O. Box 120, Columbus, GA 31902


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