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Sunglass Hut Customer Feedback Promotion

  • Take the Sunglass Hut customer feedback survey and you will receive a coupon code good for a discount on your next purchase
  • Save your receipt, because you will need several pieces of information printed on it to start this survey
  • You not only receive a coupon code, but your answers are sent directly to corporate offices for consideration

Sunglass Hut believes that people shouldn’t have to try hard to find great sunglasses at great prices. That’s why you’ll see their retail locations all across the nation! At each one of their stores, customers can find dozens of top designers and hundreds of styles to choose from. Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, Sunglass Hut employees stay on top of all the latest styles and trends, so they can help you find the perfect fit whether you’re looking for function or simply style.

Sunglass Hut knows that taking care of the customer is important. They strive to find the perfect sunglasses for everyone who walks through their door, and to do so with a smile. They feel so strongly about this that they set up an online survey opportunity for their guests. By taking this survey, you are the eyes and ears for corporate. You have the chance to share all the details of a recent visit, whether they were good or bad.

To start taking this survey, you will need to verify your purchase. Do this by entering your store number, the date you visited, the time you visited, the associate that helped you, and the total amount you spend on your purchase. All of this information can be found on your receipt. Answer the questions you’re presented (about your service, the store, and your product).

To contact Sunglasas Hut:

  • Call 1.800.SUNGLAS