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  • Sallie Mae has been under fire in recent months for potentially overcharging millions of their customers, and it has been estimated that they now owe over $1.2 trillion to student loan holders
  • Many borrowers are having trouble paying their Sallie Mae student loans, and unfortunately, they don’t know that there are forgiveness options available
  • The Student Relief website is designed to let borrowers with overwhelming student debt know that there are things they can to to help lower their monthly payments, or in some cases, completely remove their student loans

The United States government recently passed new legislation that is actually aimed at forgiving and discharging (cancelling) student loan debt that is owed by millions of residents who are struggling to simply make payments.

The Student Loan Reverse program is only available to select borrowers. It’s estimated that over 40 million people currently have student loan debt, and that over 80% of that percentage report having “at least some” trouble making payments on their loans – especially Sallie Mae loans. An approximate 7 million people have simply defrauded on their Sallie Mae student loans, ruining their credit for years. And once a borrower has defaulted on some loans, they’re actually ineligible for some jobs, mostly ones that are in the government and security sectors.

  • To find out if they are eligible for complete student loan forgiveness, or for lower payments on Sallie Mae student loans, borrowers will need to call 1-866-243-3103 to find out if they’re eligible.

The Student Loan Reverse organization has help available 24 hours a day through their phone hotline. Remember though that Student Loan Reverse is not intended to be legal advice, and is advertising for an attorney or advocate. Please note the Student Loan Reverse service is privately owned, and is not endorsed by any government organization or by any student loan lender.

To contact Student Loan Reverse:

  • 1-866-243-3103


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