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Western Union Speed Pay

  • Speed Pay by Western Union lets you make fast, convenient bill payments to participating companies
  • Your payment should post within 48 hours, but that time does vary by biller. That’s why it’s recommended that you make your payment at least two days before the due date.
  • Make a payment online, or from one of many convenient locations

Just about every company will allow you to pay your bills online now. It’s the fastest, most convenient, and oftentimes most secure method of paying your bills. But what if you don’t have regular online access, or you don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up an account? That’s where Western Union’s Speed Pay comes in! With this system, you can make a payment to hundreds of different billers as long as you have your account information. Just select the company you’re paying, enter your personal information, and enter your payment information. It’s never been easier to have the peace of mind of knowing that your payment are securely made.

  • Payments are usually taken from your account the following day after you authorize the transaction
  • You will receive a confirmation number at the end of your transaction. This is your proof of payment, and should be kept to show that the payment has been submitted.
  • If you have submitted a payment, it cannot be canceled. But if you have a recurring payment, those can be canceled from your biller’s website. If you’re canceling a recurring payment, you’ll need to do so at least three days before it is scheduled to come out.
  • Speed Pay may charge a convenience fee for each transaction made through the system, but you will be made aware of that before you make your payment. There will never be any surprises!

To contact Western Union regarding your Speed Pay account:

  • Western Union Financial Services Inc., P.O. Box 6036, Englewood, CO 80112
  • 1-800-325-6000