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SouthWest Air Wifi

  • SouthWest Airlines customers can receive exclusive to high speed in-flight WiFi!
  • In addition to WiFi, SouthWest offers a variety of free music stations and on-demand television for your convenience.
  • Even better, customers have access to premium content like movies, music, and TV channels.

SouthWest Airlines now provides in-flight WiFi service to customers! Browse the web, stream music, or take advantage of SouthWest’s premium music, television, and film as you enjoy your flight.

Important Information

  • WiFi access costs $8 per device per flight.
  • WiFi may not be available on every plane.
  • In an effort to manage data and ensure that all fliers receive equal access to WiFi, SouthWest throttles access to high-data sites like Netflix. This means you probably won’t be able to stream movies or TV shows in-flight.
  • Premium movies aren’t included in the $8. Fliers can expect to pay about $5 extra per film, per device.
  • Be sure to bring your headphones! Without them, you won’t be able to enjoy music or any of SouthWest’s entertainment content.

Before you plan on having WiFi access, confirm that your flight actually offers WiFi by checking SouthWest’s WiFi Finder within one day of departure. Confirm that your device is compatible with Inflight WiFi, too. Remember that WiFi is a courtesy service, not a right, and SouthWest reserves the right to limit or restrict WiFi fliers’ WiFi access.

Getting Inflight WiFi

  • Once you’ve boarded your flight, turn on your phone and enable airplane mode.
  • Select “SouthWest” Wifi from the list of available WiFi networks and click connect.
  • Your browser should immediately redirect to SouthWest’s WiFi hotstpot page, but if it doesn’t, no worries. Just type Southwest Wifi into your navigation bar, and you’re ready to go!

SouthWest’s Inflight WiFi is one of the best WiFi offerings available for fliers. With high data speeds and access to premium TV channels for less than $10 per flight, this is a fantastic service for any traveler.