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Smart Credit Matters

  • The Smart Credit Matters web site is to be an “all in one” financial guide for getting a credit score, finding the best credit card, buying a home or car, investing and saving for retirement and more
  • With Smart Credit Matters, customers can learn what exactly makes up a credit score
  • Smart Credit Matters even has a quiz to test customers’ knowledge of what it really takes to build good credit.
Smart Credit Matters is an educational web site for consumers to learn about having a good credit score and making good financial decisions. It’s important to have good credit, and customers who use Smart Credit Matters can end up saving money when they buy their next car, getting a better apartment, saving thousands of dollars on a home loan, saving money on utility deposits, and even getting a better job. Smart Credit Matters tries to educate customers about common credit myths like “a credit score will drop if a customer checks their credit” (a credit score doesn’t get lowered by just checking it), and “once a negative record is paid off, it will be removed from the credit report (negative records like late payments remain on a credit report for 7 to 10 years after they are first posted). What makes up a credit score according to Smart Credit Matters?… Smart Credit Matters shows customers that a credit score is made up of 35% payment history, 30% total amount owed, 15% type of credit, 10% new loans, and 10% length of credit history. To contact a representative about credit fraud: The Smart Credit Matters page has a list of numbers to contact for potential fraud, like the Equifax fraud department at: 1.888.397.3742… Primary References: smartcreditmatters.com