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Card Registration – I Gotta Card Sheetz

  • Logon to activate your MySheetz loyalty card and start using it right away
  • Signup for MySheetz is completely free, and earns you great discounts
  • Your MySheetz card never expires, unless you don’t use it for two years

At its core, most people will think of Sheetz as a convenience store. But in reality, it’s so much more. Sheetz is a “mecca” of sorts for people on the go. Whether you need fuel for your car, fuel for your car, or fuel for your mind, you’ll find it at Sheetz. No matter who you are, Sheetz knows that you don’t have time to run all over town looking for the things you need, so they’re out to be your one stop shop.

If you’ve visited a Sheetz even one time, there’s a great chance you’re hooked. If you think you’ll be back, you’re probably going to want to get a MySheetz card. The MySheetz card is completely free to sign up for, and it comes with a ton of great benefits.

MySheetz is a card loyalty program that’s designed to reward the most loyal Sheetz customers. My Sheetz card members have access to great benefits at any Sheetz location, including discounts on fuel and other great perks and freebies. You may get a “buy one item get another” free offer, or you may get a “percentage off” discount. The offers change constantly, and you’ll always see a new way to save at Sheetz. You’ll always get instant savings on purchases you make at Sheetz outlets, savings on special products, freebies, gifts and so much more.

Your MySheetz card never expires as long as you use it. Sheetz does say that they’ll close out cards that haven’t been used in two years.

To contact Sheetz about your MySheetz card:

  • 1 (800) 487-5444
  • Use the Sheetz online contact form