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Service Home Loan

  • The ServiceHomeLoan service lets mortgage customer make a payment on their loan, apply for a new home loan, refinance their current home loan, and more
  • This web site provides mortgage access to customers of CU Members Mortgage, Colonial National Mortgage, and Community Bankers Mortgage
  • Mortgage payments sent to Service Home Loan can be mailed in, processed online, through Western Union Quick Connect, or paid on the phone via bank draft at 1-888-477-2728

Customers who do not have an account with Service Home Loan can register for one by providing their Colonial’s Mortgage Account Number, the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number, and their property ZIP code. Service Home Loan offers FHA, VA, conventional, and other types of mortgages based on each customer’s specific needs. To apply for one of those loans from ServiceHomeLoan.com, customers will need to know their loan account number, plus their basic personal information like name, address, and phone number.

Service Home Loan Comments

  • The mailing of new mortgage loan coupon books is actually based on the state that the property is located in
  • Customers should use the coupon book mail out schedule to find the right payment schedule for their property
  • For most customers, a new coupon book will be sent out in January

Mortgage coupon books are usually mailed for the first time within 4 to 6 weeks after closing date.  Please note for Service Home Loan customers in Ohio, Nebraska, Mississippi, North Dakota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Virginia, their books will be mailed in July

What Should Customers Do If They Receive A Property Tax Bill?

In the vast majority of cases, Service Home Loan receives tax information directly from the county tax authority. But if customers do receive a bill, they’re asked to send that bill to Service Home Loan’s address at PO Box 2988, Fort Worth, Texas 76113 or fax at 817-390-2313.

To contact a representative of ServiceHomeLoan.com

  • 1-800-937-6002
  • Mortgage Services, Attn: Payment Processing, 2626 West Freeway, Fort Worth, Texas 76102-7109

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