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Security Deposit Settlement

  • Obtain the Maryland AIMCO Tenant Security Deposit Class Action Settlement Notice as well as other documents and information relevant to Butler v. Apartment Investment and Management Company
  • Class members are defined as anyone who rented a Maryland apartment property owned and managed by an AIMCO affiliate
  • The class members must have rented the apartment from AIMCO between the dates of April 15, 2010 and April 6, 2015 and put down a security deposit
  • The Maryland AIMCO security deposit lawsuit is case number 13C14098891

The Security Deposit Settlement class action lawsuit revolves around claims that AIMCO withheld amounts from tenants’ security deposits which was in violation of Maryland state law.  AIMCO denies all wrong doing.

Maryland AIMCO Tenant Security Deposit Lawsuit Quick Takes

  • All class members wishing to receive a settlement MUST file a valid claim form
  • Security Deposit Settlement claim forms are due by 1/6/2016
  • The deadline to exclude oneself from the case was 6/20/15 (expired)
  • The claim will be administered by Kurtzman Carson Consultants
  • The deadline to object to the settlement terms has been set as June 20, 2015 (expired)

How much will a class member receive?

Under the terms of Butler v. Apartment Investment and Management Company settlement each class members will receive a refund of 100% of the amount of security deposit withheld PLUS an additional 3% interest.  So for example if the security deposit was $100 and held for one year the class members should receive a settlement payment of $103.

How to contact Claims Administrator Kurtzman Carson Consultants?

  • by phone: 1-877-863-1543
  • by mail: Butler v. AIMCO Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 40007, College Station, TX 77842-4007

It should be noted that a current or former officer, director, employee, or other agent of AIMCO are not allowed to file a claim in the case (aka are not a class members).


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