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Sears Delivery & Haul-Away

  • Check the delivery window for your Sears order to see when it’s being delivered
  • If your original delivery date no longer works, you can reschedule online
  • For $15, Sears will haul away the item you’re replacing

With the Sears online delivery portal, you can manage everything you need about your upcoming Sears delivery. You can check to see when your item will be delivered, change the original delivery date if that no longer works for you, or even change the address where your item will be delivered.

When your item is delivered, there are some things you will need to do beforehand. You will need to make sure there’s a responsible adult at least 18 years old present during the entire delivery process. You will need to make sure all house pets are confined to an area separate from where the delivery is occurring.  If your merchandise is being left on the porch, in your garage, of outdoors, you will need to have a responsible neighbor or other representative that can sign for the delivery and meet the Sears team. If you have inclement weather, you will need to provide a clear path with no ice, snow or debris for the team to approach your house all the way from the street.

Along with delivery, Sears also offers haul away services. This is only available for a “one for one” item replacement, meaning that the only thing that can be hauled away is an item similar in nature to what you had delivered. If it’s a commercial grade appliance or installed appliance, it’s not eligible for this promotion. The item must be ready to be picked up at the time your new appliance is scheduled to be delivered.

To contact Sears regarding your item delivery:

  • 1-800-697-3277
  • Use their live, online chat