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Samsung Smart Switch

  • Smart Switch by Samsung lets you effortlessly transfer music, photos, videos, calendars, or other files between two Samsung devices
  • Just download the Smart Switch software, and you’re on your way to seamless file transfers
  • Begin transferring files in just minutes

With Smart Switch from Samsung, you’re able to easily transfer files between two Samsung devices. What kind of files? Just about anything: music, photos, videos, calendars, documents, or other files. Most people use this service when they’ve purchased a new cell phone and want to easily transfer the apps and data from the old one. You can even use Smart Switch on a desktop or laptop, allowing you to upload the data from an old device, and then send that data to your new device.

You do not need to manually install any drivers for Smart Switch. The first time you connect a Samsung device to your computer, it will automatically locate the drivers needed. This process can take a few minutes. Once those drivers are installed, your device will appear as available in the Smart Switch app.

  • Your old data will not be overwritten. The new data will just be added.
  • The apps on your phone are simply reinstalled, not wholly transferred. What this means is that any progress you have made in games will not be transferred. You’ll have a totally clean slate
  • On the Smart Switch app screen, you’re able to select what content you want transferred. Everything is automatically selected, but you can pick and choose specifically what you want
  • For Android users, the Smart Switch app must be installed on both your old device and your new device

Contact Samsung regarding Smart Switch

  • Samsung asks that any technical questions about Smart Switch be directed to:
  • Their online support form
  • 1-855-795-0509
  • Their online live chat