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Royal Caribbean eDocs

  • Travelers booking a Royal Caribbean cruise can use the Countdown to Cruise to make sure everything is in line before they depart
  • To log in to Countdown to Cruise, customers just need to enter their last name, their Royal Caribbean reservation number, the date of their departure, and the ship they’re cruising on
  • Royal Caribbean cruisers will need to use the online check in option no later than three days before their departure date

All guests on a Royal Caribbean ship are required to be checked in at the ship no later than 90 minutes before departure, or they won’t be allowed to sail. Even if customers have checked in, they will still need to present their SetSail Pass, their identification documents (meaning their proof of citizenship) for every guest who is traveling, and a credit or debit card to be used for the onboard expense account.

Royal Caribbean eDocs

  • With Royal Caribbean’s “Countdown to Cruise” web site, customers who have planned a cruise can keep track of exactly what they need to be doing at certain points, know when they need to have their documents in, and see when they need to have excursions booked
  • In order to view eDocs the customer will have to register for the service with a valid email address
  • The customer will not be charged a fee at the time of sign up

More about Royal Caribbean:

  • Every ship in the Royal Caribbean brand has “of the Sea” as part of their name (i.e. Liberty of the Sea)
  • The newest Royal Caribbean ship is the Ovation of the Seas, which operates in Asia and Australia/New Zealand

Royal Caribbean International was founded in 1968 in Norway, and today they have a fleet of 23 ships (meaning they control just under 20% of the world’s cruise market). The current Royal Caribbean headquarters are at 1050 Caribbean Way, Miami, Florida. Any questions in regards to the Royal Caribbean eDocs service can be directed to (866) 562-7625.

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