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Ron Paul Message 49

  • 12-term congressman Ron Paul has issued a warning about a coming financial crisis
  • The veteran politician believes the approaching financial meltdown will be worse than the 2008 recession, and strongly suspects it will be worse than the Great Depression
  • Given the severity of circumstances and Paul’s nonpartisan politics, this is a warning all Americans must seriously consider

Congressman Ron Paul is predicting a catastrophic financial crisis. Fortunately, the senator has helped the country navigate other crises, and offers several strategies that citizens can use to protect themselves.

Critical Points

  • The coming crisis won’t be related to the housing market or even the banking industry, which is why many in Congress aren’t considering the implications
  • According to Paul, the crisis will be a full-blown crisis related to currency, specifically inflation and a value free-fall that will affect everything from retirement and savings to income, assets, and the stock market
  • In addition to doubling the national debt, the American Treasury created over 4 trillion unsecured dollars since 2006, an amount which is unsustainable, essentially nonexistent, and doomed to crash the American market

Ron Paul states that foreign investors will pull out of the market, collapsing international confidence and trade. This ultimately leads to the destruction of currency and the economy, which will financially destroy millions of Americans in the process.

How to Ride Out the Coming Crisis

  • Congressman Ron Paul encourages citizens to obtain a “Survival Blueprint” offered exclusively by Stansberry Research
  • The firm tracks and researches market and currency trends
  • By using this information and educating yourself, you can find everything you need to know about investment options, financial account advice, and securing funds in the case of a financial disaster

Use the research and information provided by Stansberry to make an informed decisions when it comes to managing your wealth. Stansberry’s resources are a vital component of wealth and savings management. By properly using their resources, you’re one step ahead when it comes to protecting yourself financially.