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Rebate Staples

  • With this site, you can file a Staples rebate for a purchase made one of three ways: online, at Staples.com, through traditional in-store purchase, or through a kiosk in store
  • In addition to filing your rebate, you can track the progress of a Staples rebate that you’ve filed, or search through past rebates to see if a product your purchased is eligible
  • If you’ve already received your rebate, use this site to check the balance on your rebate card

When you shop with Staples, you’re already getting some of the lowest prices around on electronics, office supplies, and school supplies. Thanks to their price match guarantee, you can be assured that you won’t find a better deal anywhere else. When you add in Staples excellent rebates, it makes these deals even better!

If you’ve purchased a produce eligible for a rebate from Staples, here’s what you need to do to process that rebate. Simply enter the information from the rebate redemption form you received and follow the prompts, entering the information asked. At least a month later, you will receive a prepaid card in the mail containing the amount of your rebate.

With Staples Easy Rebates, you can handle the entire process online! There’s no clipping UPC codes, no scrambling for a stamp, and no filling out forms. Overall, this makes sure that you get your rebate weeks faster than the old method! Many times, you’ll get a rebate returned in as little as one month’s time. Of course, you can still mail in your rebate if you’d like. The online method is just another way that Staples is putting their customers first!

To contact Staples with a rebate question or comment:

  • Use the online chat located on their website
  • Fill out the “Contact Us” form located on their website