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RA Sushi Customer Survey

  • RA Sushi is sponsoring a special promotional offer especially for loyal customers
  • The restaurant offers a variety of codes that you can redeem for special discounts, rewards, and promotions that are generated on receipts along with a 20-digit validation code
  • Use this validation code to access the restaurant’s customer survey
  • Once you complete and submit the customer questionnaire, RA Sushi will provide a special code that you can redeem for the offer printed on your receipt

Get ready for a variety of exciting promotions from RA Sushi! In return for a brief survey, the famous sushi restaurant will give you an exclusive, customized offer! It might be a great discount, free drink, or something else entirely!

Important Information

  • RA Sushi won’t permit you to take the survey without a validation code.
  • The validation codes are 20 digits long, and are found on RA Sushi receipts.
  • Each receipt specifies the offer you’ll receive if you complete the survey.
  • Once you complete the survey, your validation code will appear on your computer screen.

You don’t have to pay anything or make any purchases to use your redemption code. You also don’t have to claim your reward at the same RA Sushi location, since redemption codes are redeemable at any RA Sushi location.

How to Take the Survey

  • Select your preferred language
  • Enter your validation code
  • Be sure to answer each question thoroughly and thoughtfully, since RA Sushi uses these answers to improve customer service
  • Once you’ve finished, your special offer code will appear
  • Copy it down onto your receipt and take it with you next time you visit RA Sushi

With a ton of offers and exclusive savings opportunities, the RA Sushi customer survey is a great way for dedicated customers to improve future service while earning a fantastic discount! Fill out the survey today for your special offer.