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PSA Billing

  • The PSA Patient Services billing website lets patients who have had certain diagnostic tests make a payment towards their bill online
  • To make a payment with PSA LLC, patients will need to login with their account number and their ZIP code
  • Payments made on the PSA web site will be applied to the patient’s account within 24 hours (or on the next business day)

Based on information supplied to the medical office, PSA will actually send a bill to the patient’s insurance company. When the insurance company has decided how much they will pay, PSA sends a bill for the remainder to the patient.

PSA Billing Comments

  • Easy and free to use
  • When patients conduct medical payments through PSA, they do have certain rights from HIPPA, like the ability to choose how information is sent (through the mail or digitally like e-mail), the right to see a list of all disclosures a medical organization has made, and the right to get a paper copy of privacy practices notices
  • Exclusively used by community-based pathology practices or laboratories

What Happens If  A Patient Gets Multiple Bills From PSA LLC:

  • PSA does not have any access to a patient’s medical records, and cannot see anything related to them without written consenT
  • PSA Privacy Director, Pathology Service Associates, LLC, P.O. 100559, Florence, SC 29501-0559
  • Any questions or concerns in regards to the PSA Billing service can be directed to a US based customer service agent at 843 629-2973

In some cases, patients will get what appears to be multiple bills from PSA for the same services. But any additional bills from PSA are likely for the doctor’s services (not for any blood, specimen, or other fluid testing). Patients will get a “pathology bill” for charges related to the interpretation or diagnosis of bodily fluids.

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