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Priceline Visa

  • When travelers sign up for the Priceline.com Visa card, they will receive 5,000 bonus point after their first purchase, plus 5 times rewards points on all Priceline.com purchases
  • Priceline credit card holders also get 10% points back when they redeem their points for statement credit or for Priceline.com travel
  • The Priceline.com credit card does have chip enabled technology to provide for the highest level of security

One of the best advantages of the Priceline.com credit card is price protection. If a customer purchases an item and then sees that exact item (with the same model number) available for a cheaper price within 120 days, the customer can file for a price adjustment to the lesser price.

Priceline Visa Comments

  • The Priceline.com credit card also has a dedicated ID theft helpline for carholders to report their card lost or stolen, or report fraudulent activity
  • Priceline credit cards also offer a warranty service where a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 3 years will be doubled for a product purchased with the credit card
  • Customers can also call the number on the back o the card in regards to any customer service issues

Cardholders who have a Priceline.com Visa card will receive rewards points for every purchase they make with their card. These points can be used to rack up free travel on Priceline.com, including hotel stays, airfare, cruises, and more. The Priceline.com Visa card is issued by Barclay’s bank, like almost every major store credit card.

More information about Priceline.com

  • Founded in 1997, and has their headquarters locate in the city of Norwalk, New Jersey
  • An American company that helps travelers find the cheapest prices on travel
  • Famous for their commercials featuring the “Priceline Negotiator,” a character played by William Shatner
  • Well known for their “Name Your Own Price” system where travelers enter a price they’re comfortable paying, and then see offers for travel at that price

To contact a representative about a Priceline.com credit card account PLEASE dial 888-232-0780.

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