www.prepaid.citi.com/vw – Access or Register Volvo Card Account

Prepaid Citi VW

  • Access and manage a Volvo card account online
  • New users will have to register the card before online access can be secured
  • Citigroup Inc. has sold its prepaid card business to Wirecard AG and trademarks owned or used by Citigroup are used temporarily under license by Wirecard AG from Citigroup Inc.

Prepaid.Citi.com/VW allows a user to access their prepaid Volvo debit card online.  Those who are new to the service will have to register with the card number and the security code (the card number will be 16 digits long while the security code will be 3 digits long.  The card number can be found on the front of the Volvo debit card while the security code will be on the back behind the signature panel.  Those who are having trouble registering the card online can always call the toll-free number on the back of the card for customer service assistance.  Once a VW prepaid rewards card account has been created the customer can check a balance, view a statement, or update information. Those who already have a Prepaid.Citi.com/VW account do not have to go through the bothersome registration process and can simply sign in with a username and password.  The Prepaid VW debit rewards card can be used anywhere in the US were the Visa logo is present.

www.Prepaid.Citi.com/VW Notes

  1. Usually provided to the customer as an incentive for purchasing a VW auto
  2. The card is a reward debit card so it should not hurt or improve a credit score
  3. Please allow up to 6 weeks for the card to arrive from the date of purchase
  4. The more money spent using the card the great the rewards
  5. More than one VW debit reward card is allowed per family but a separate account has to be created

Volkswagen is a German based auto manufacture founded in 1937.  The VW corporate office is based at Berliner Ring 2 Wolfsburg 38440 Germany and can be reached via phone at 49 5361 9 0.


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