www.pokefarmer.com – Get 1 Month Full Access To Pokefarmer


  • Allows Pokemon Go players to farm Pokemon, visit Pokestops, farm popular items, and breed eggs
  • Please note this is NOT a free service and is not created by game developers Niantic
  • Pokefarmer has more than 260,000 users and a community of more than 2,000,000 helpful posts and tips

Pokefarmer works with Windows Vista – Windows 10 and is super simple to set up.

OK this Pokefarmer sounds like the real deal but how much does it cost? (there are currently 4 different type of subscription plans)

  1. 1 month session: best for new players who might not stick with the Pokemon Go game
  2. 3 months session: ideal for players who will stick around for a while but will eventually burn themselves out
  3. 1 year session: this plan is best for those who play everyday and love the game with a passion
  4. Legendary Buddy: Only hard-core Pokemon Go players should pay for this package as it cost around 200 bucks

Some of the more rare Pokemon Go creatures that Pokefarmer will help the gamer catch include: Ditto, Slowbro, Snorlax, Mr. Mimi (this guy is extremely difficult to find), and Kabutops.

Please note the Legandary Buddy plan comes with 2 Sessions, 1 Year, All available Buddybots, All available Tyrants, All upcoming Buddybots, access to the Legendary Forum Usergroup and access to the Legendary Forum & Avatar.  Any questions in regards to Pokefarmer can be directed to support@thebuddyforum.com (for specific questions in relation to the Legandary Buddy plan please be sure to label the subject with “Legendary Buddy”).  The creators of Pokefarmer are based in Germany and can be reached by phone at 49 375 390 99 885 or Fax: +49 32121 377001.  The Pokefarmer head office is based at Bossland GmbH Leipziger Str. 72 08056 Zwickau DE – Germany.

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