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Pearson My Lab and Mastering

  • The MyLab and Mastering web site from Pearson is a part of the world’s largest collection of homework, tutorial, and assessment products online
  • More than 11 million students use Pearson’s online educational tools each year
  • Pearson software integrates with most major educational lab platforms like Blackboard Learn, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, and Moodle

Pearson’s “My Lab and Mastering” web site is designed for students to register for online lab work for classes, and fto ind more information about supplementary educational materials, and for educators to view results and offer support.

Pearson My Lab and Mastering

  • The MyLab & Mastering software actually reacts to how students are performing as individuals, and offers specific guidance (driven by student’s individual data) to help them better absorb information and understand tough concepts
  • In addition to colleges, Pearson software is also used for corporate training
  • Over 43 million students have used Pearson’s software for college, and if you’re one of them, you can take an online survey for the chance to win one of four iPads

More to Know About Pearson Education

Pearson is well known in higher education circuits for creating the CourseSmart program, which helps sell college textbooks in an eTextbook format that’s on a common platform, meaning it can be accessed at a huge number of colleges and universities.

Pearson Education started in 1998, and offers assessment services to schools and corporations, as well as individuals. Over 60% of Pearson’s educational sales happen in North America, but the company actually serves over 70 nations around the world. Today, Pearson North America has their headquarters at 330 Hudson in New York City, New York.  Any questions in regards to the Pearson My Lab and Mastering service can be directed to 800-328-5999.

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