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PayPal New Here

  • Obtain more information about the PayPal here service which allows businesses to accept more forms of payment via their smart phone
  • The business has the option to accept credit and debit cards instantly or send an invoice in order to get paid later
  • Any questions about PayPal New Here can be directed to 1-855-787-4340

The PayPal New Here service customers can also send invoices online or even record cash and check transactions (this is ideal for smaller to medium size business).  PayPal also offers customers live support and no bothersome long-term commitment contracts (PayPal will not charge a monthly fee, setup fee, cancellation fee, or processing minimums associated with the PayPal New Her service).

PayPal New Here Pricing?

  • 2.7% per US card swipe
  • 3.5% + $0.15 to key in cards
  • 2.9% + $0.30 to invoice
  • 1% for cross-border transfers

What credit cards can be used in combination with the PayPal New Here service?

  • Visa
  • AMEX
  • Discover
  • MasterCard

Please note the New Here product comes in two forms… the mobile card reader and the chip card reader.  Both of the readers are powered by the PayPal Here app but the chip reader comes with enhanced fraud prevention technology vs the standard mobile card readers which accept magnetic stripe cards.  The  mobile card reader is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices PLUS the first reader is free (additional readers can be purchased for $14.99).  The chip card reader from PayPal New Here allows payments via the magnetic stripe, chip card, contactless, or Apple Pay.  The chip reader works only with iOS and Android devices at the present time.  Please note the chip reader is a little more pricey than the mobile card reader as it cost $149 (but comes with a$100 rebate that will be credited to a PayPal account after $3,000 processed within 3 months).  A current PayPal account in good standing is required in order to obtain this payment service.

Primary References

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