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PayPal Cash

  • The Paypal Cash site lets customers add money to their PayPal balance easily with a My Cash Card
  • My Cash Cards from PayPal have a 10 digit number that will be needed to move the funds from the card to a PayPal account
  • The balance on a PayPal My Cash Card is available to be used instantly

The My Cash Card from PayPal is the best option for people who want to use a PayPal account to shop online, but don’t want to tie that account to their bank account or a credit card. Customers just purchase a My Cash Card from a retailer (for any amount from $20 to $500), and then enter that card number on the PayPal My Cash web site. My Cash Cards are reusable if the customer would like, or they can purchase an entirely new one. To use the same My Cash Card to reload a PayPal balance, customers just need to snap off the bottom of their card and let the cashier scan it at the point of purchase.

PayPal.com/cash Highlights

  • For security, PayPal verifies identity information from My Cash Cards by comparing against a national database
  • There is no credit check involved with a My Cash card, and it does not affect the holder’s credit score
  • My Cash Card is not refundable, once it has been purchased, the balance can only be transferred to a PayPal account

Where can PayPal My Cash Cards Be Purchased?

My Cash cards (from PayPal) are available at a number of different retailers around the USA, like 7-Eleven, CVS, Family Dollar, Food City, Hot Spot, Go Mart, Sunoco, Quick Stop, and more. Mostly, these cards are available at convenience stores and drug stores. Any questions in regards to a PayPal Cash Card can be directed to 855-721-5035 or in writing to: PayPal My Cash Card Customer Service, PO Box 832   Fortson, GA 31808.

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