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Resolve Payment Portal

  • Login to the Resolve Payment portal to make a payments towards your account
  • Payment can be made with Visa, Masercard, Discover, or eCheck
  • Your personal information that is entered is not sent to anyone else

With the Resolve Payment Portal you can quickly and conveniently make a payment towards your account. To login and make a payment through this web site, you will need to know your account number. If you don’t have that account number, you’ll need to contact Paymyvisit.com to obtain that information.

To begin making a payment, simply click the “Continue” button on the main page and enter your credit card information and account number. Add your billing address so the payment can be processed along with your contact information (in case anything goes wrong), and you’re all set! It just takes minute or two to make your payment. You can use any major credit card to make a payment, or you can use an e-check. Your payment will be processed immediately and will be applied towards your account within 24 hours.

You can be assured that the payment information and personal information you enter on this site is secure. The highest of security measures are in place to make sure your information is safe. You information will not be sold to any third party, and will not be used for any other reason than the payment of a bill. The only time someone else would see this information would be when it comes to collections-related services. In that event, this information is only used to contact you. Paymyvisit.com does work with several clients, but your information is not shared with those clients.

  • The minimum amount that can be paid online is $25. To make a payment that is less than that amount, contact them by phone

To contact Paymyvisit.com:

  • 866-791-4040