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Patient Rebate Online

  • The McKesson’s Patient Rebate service is an online portal for patients to get a refund for any discounts that were applied when patients presented their insurance co-pay card
  • Once a rebate is submitted to McKesson for processing, it should take no longer that 4 weeks for the customer to get their payment back
  • Since their inception, McKesson has worked with over 21 million customers to help save on healthcare costs

Patients who have visited a McKesson healthcare facility and who received a discount at the time they paid for using a co-pay card can log on to McKesson’s Patient Rebates to submit a request and have that money returned via a mailed check.

Patient Rebate Online Comments

  • McKesson works with various healthcare companies to help them control costs, develop more efficient operating methods, and improve the overall quality of their medical services
  • Through a program called LoyaltyScript, McKesson has a coupon platform that gives discounts to patients at their pharmacy and at a doctor’s office
  • LoyaltyScript is accepted at just about every pharmacy in America, and serves tens of thousands of customers every single day.

The LoyaltyScript program has a benefit for medical providers in that it helps build loyalty with their patients, and keeps patients coming back to the same medical office to make sure they’re saving the most money possible.

How long does it take to get a rebate from McKesson?

Patients just need to answer a few simple questions to validate their eligibility, and they will be able to download a personalized form (along with a label and receipt) that can be mailed back to McKesson for final reimbursement. In the majority of cases, checks from McKesson’s are issued within 2 to 4 weeks of eligibility being verified.  Any questions in regards to printing a patient rebate online can be directed to 800-479-9546.

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