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Pandora LG

  • Set up an LG mobile phone device to use Pandora Radio
  • Select the Pandora option on the LG device, and an activation code will be given. This code needs to be entered on the LG Pandora activation website
  • Users who have already set up their LG phone to use on Pandora will just need to log in to their Pandora account

Users who have a cell phone manufactured by LG will need to activate their device to be able to use Pandora radio. Once a user opens Pandora on their phone for the first time, they’ll receive an activation code. When the Pandora LG code is entered online, Pandora will be activated on that device. Even if the app is deleted, all the customer needs to do is log in. There’s no need to set up an entirely new Pandora account each time.

  • Pandora is one of the most popular music streaming apps available, with millions of downloads to their name
  • Right now, Pandora is only available in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia
  • It’s been estimated that Pandora accounts for over 70% of all online radio listening activity, and almost 8% of radio listening overall
  • Pandora did have a 40 hour listening limit per month at one time, but that restriction was lifted in 2014
  • Since Pandora radio is ad supported, customers are allowed to skip songs they don’t like, but they’re only allowed a certain number of skips per day

Pandora online radio was established in 2000, and has just one goal: analyzing every music track to deliver music a listener loves before they ask for it. Users can create up to 100 custom radio stations that play only the music they select. These stations are constantly being fine tuned as users select whether they like or don’t like certain songs.

Any questions in regards to the Pandora LG service can be directed to:

  • 2100 Franklin St, Suite 700, Oakland, CA 94612
  • (510) 451-4100

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