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Oregon DMV Online

  • Conduct a number of online services related to owning an auto in the state of Oregon
  • Oregon DMV services are operated by the Oregon Department of Transportation
  • The most common reason for accessing the Oregon DMV service online is to make use of the Online Vehicle Registration Renewal System

When using the online vehicle registration renewal system the driver must have the registration renewal notice from the Oregon DMV whicn contains their title number, vehicle license plate number, and pre-assigned Renewal Access Code.  Customer must also make sure they have a way to pay (The Oregon DMV online service accepts all major credit or debit cards) and will be asked to provide their insurance company name and policy number (aka proof of insurance).  Please note not all Oregon DMV customers will be able to renew their registration online and those that have lost their renewal access code will have to request a new one.

Oregon DMV Online Comments

  • Registration stickers will be mailed within 24 hours and are mailed USPS First Class
  • Normal postal delivery times are 3 to 5 business days
  • There is NOT an additional fee charged when renewing online
  • Drivers will have 75 days to renew their auto before the renewal access code expires
  • The 75 days are from the date of vehicle registration expires
  • Drivers are allowed to renew more than be auto online

Please note those who have sold an auto or are transferring it will have to file a bothersome Online Notice of Vehicle Sale/Transfer Form.  The seller MUST notify the Oregon DMV in regards to the sale or transfer within 10 days under state law.  The form number that must be filed is Form 735-6890 and it can be mailed to DMV 1905 Lana Ave NE Salem, OR 97314.

What are the contact points for the Oregon DMV?

  • Bend (541) 388-6322
  • Eugene (541) 686-7855
  • Medford (541) 776-6025
  • Portland Metro Area (503) 299-9999
  • Roseburg (541) 440-3395
  • Salem Metro Area (503) 945-5000

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