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OPP Loans

  • OPPLoans offers online installment loans that can be 125% cheaper than comparative payday loans
  • Loans issued by OPPLoans can be used for many different purposes (buying a car, home repair, credit card debt), and can be deposited into the borrower’s checking account in just 24 hours after the application is finished
  • Applying for an online loan through OPPLoans does not affect the borrower’s credit score (this only happens if the loan is actually taken through OPPLoans)

In many cases, customers can get loans up to $10,000 from OPPLoans and as low as $1,000. Customers can receive an online credit education course through OPPLoans and actually get a credit on their account that leads to a lower interest rate on loans they apply for. Over 25,000 customers who have used OPPLoans consider their experience “very satisfied” and rank the company 5 stars.

OPP Loans Comments

  • OPPLoans calls their loans “better than payday” loans because they often have a lower interest rate than customers might get through a payday loan lender, and are generally more flexible when it comes to paying the loans back
  • Approval is not guranteed
  • Must be 18 years of age or older in order to be approved

How Are OPPLoans repaid?

  • OPPLoan reports to the TransUnion credit agency, so customers who make their payments on time will actually see an improvement in their credit score
  • If customers want to make an early payment on an OPPLoan, they can do that through opploans.com
  • Contact? Opportunity Financial, 11 E Adams Street, Suite 501, Chicago, IL 60603 (mail) or (855) 408-5000 (phone)

Most loans from OPPLoans are paid back via direct payroll deduction. Other methods include direct bank (also known as ACH) transfer that’s automatically taken out on each month’s due date. Some loans with OPPLoan can be refinanced, but the laws for this change from state to state.

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