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  • Online banking from TCF bank includes features like online bill pay, bill reminders, mobile app banking, and even text message banking
  • TCF Bank has nearly 400 banking locations across several states

With online banking from TCF Bank, customers have access to their TCF account at any time, anywhere. TCF online banking customers can transfer money between two TCF accounts in seconds, and pay their bills anywhere they have access to the Internet. TCF even has online reminders to make sure that a bill payment is never missed.

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Online banking by TCF also lets customers keep track of their accounts instantly, without waiting for a paper statement in the mail. Up to three years of monthly account statements are accessible online in one convenient location. With the TCF Bank mobile app (available for Apple or Android devices), online access is even faster and even easier. To use the TCF Bank app, users must be registered in online banking.

Another part of the Online Banking TCF Express service is the ability to get banking information in seconds via text message. Just text a command like “balance” to 269265, and TCF will text a response in second. the information. To bank via text message, users must add their cell phone number in the online banking tab.

More about TCF Bank

TCF Bank was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1923, and has almost 400 branches today in states like Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, and Colorado. TCF Bank came under fire in 2010, when they were  sued regarding overdraft fees, with the complaint alleging that they purposely processed large transactions first so they could access more overdraft fees. In 2013, TCF Bank was fine $10 million  for violating the “Bank Secrecy Act” and not filing suspicious activity reports quickly enough.


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