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  • If you owned a home located in the Ocean Pointe Project, which is the District of Ewa, Hawaii, and that home was built on or after November 18, 1999, you could have some free cash coming your way as part of a class action lawsuit settlement
  • The deadline to file a claim in the Haseko Homes class action settlement is July 12 of 2016
  •  A final hearing in the Haseko lawsuit will be held on June 12, 2015

If you owned a home in Ewa, Hawaii, in the Ocean Pointe development, you could have a check coming to you as part of a class action settlement.

There are two different portions to this class action lawsuit against Haseko homes. The first lawsuit alleges that certain PEX Brass Plumbing Fittings installed in Ocean Pointe homes were defective, and didn’t meet proper building code standards. The second part of this suit claims that hurricane straps (which are embedded “L” shaped straps that provide a strong connection from the frame of the home to its concrete foundation) were defective.

To be eligible to file a claim in the Haseko Homes class action suit, you must have owned a home in the Ocean Pointe Project (in the Ewa district in Hawaii), and that home must have been built after Nov. 18 of 1999.

If you’re interested in filing a claim in the Haseko Homes class action lawsuit, the deadline to have your information in is July 12, 2016.

The legal representation in the Haseko Homes lawsuit will be paid from the settlement funds. The amount that is paid to the lawyers will not be over $2,332,124.

Haseko Homes has been known as one of Hawaii’s top residential and business developers, and has been around since 1973.

To contact the claims administrator in the Haseko Homes lawsuit:

  • 1-866-374-7259
  • Ocean Pointe Claims Administrator, P.O. Box 43347, Providence, RI 02940-3347.


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