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Norton Set Up

  • The Norton setup site is the easiest way for people who have purchased a Norton product to get it running and to register a Norton product online
  • Customers will need an Internet connected computer and they will need to have their Norton product key to fully register and activate a Norton product
  • If a customer doesn’t already have a Norton account, they will need to set one up because an account is needed to access Norton products and features.

With Norton setup, customers just enter their Norton product key, access their online Norton account, manage a Norton subscription, and even extend a Norton protection subscription to other products like a Mac, PC, iOS or Android device. For customers who purchased a Norton product online from the Norton site or from an authorized retailer, the Norton product key will be in the confirmation e-mail they received. Norton key codes can only be used one time, and it’s recommended they not be transferred from one customer to another. Customers who purchased a physical Norton product in a retail store will find their Norton product key inside the box either on a scratch card (with a silver box) or on a sticker on the back of the CD sleeve.

More things to know about Norton

Norton began as a company in 1991, and is one of the top anti-malware companies today. In most years, Norton has up to a 61% market share of the paid virus protection market. Symantec Corporation developed Norton, but in 2015, when they were updating their product line, decided to discontinue production of the Norton Antivirus line of products.

  • Norton is often criticized for being difficult to uninstall from a device, and even after uninstallation, leaving behind files that aren’t necessary

To contact Norton about setting up a product

  • 350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA 94043
  • 650-527-8000

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