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NJ Training Systems

  • New Jersey residents can use the New Jersey Training Opportunities website to find a list of schools and organizations that offer occupational, job training, and education programs that accept publicly funded tuition
  • Eligibility for New Jersey training programs depends on a number of factors like income, previous education, and family status, and it’s best to speak with a member of the NJ Training Career Center Staff to help navigate program applications
  • The NJ Training Systems web site can be searched by occupation or by training type like marketing, human services, and hospitality

The NJ Training Systems services was developed to help residents find information on publicly funded programs that provide job training and education opportunities for qualified applicants. The NJ training website was established by the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development, and organizes programs by their physical location, the overall cost of the program, the intended outcomes, and even the length of training that’s available.

  • Tuition for these programs is available through various grants that will need to be qualified for and applied for, and aren’t guaranteed
  • New Jersey Career Assistance Navigator is designed to support “lifelong career exploration” through specially funded schools
  • For questions related to a specific program, the NJ Career Assistance website lets potential applicants speak directly with schools and programs, and allows for direct contact

Inclusion of a training provider on the NJ Training Systems web site should not be seen as an entitlement, and also should not be seen as a guarantee that NJ Training makes any referral to a program. If a potential applicant uses the New Jersey Occupational Training System web site to apply for a program, it should be considered a mutual decision. The NJOTS web site is purely for informational purposes.

To contact NJ Training System Opportunities:

  • njtopps@dol.state.nj.us

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