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Nike Fuel Bank Class Lawsuit

  • Nike, Apple, and the State of California have announced a tentative settlement in a lawsuit regarding the Nike+ Fuel Band
  • The Nike+ Fuel Band was a wearable fitness tracker that was originally engineered by Nike and Apple
  • According the the lawsuit, Nike and Apple refused to honor product warranties and lied to consumers about the capabilities and functionalities of the Nike+ Fuel Band

The lawsuit states that Nike and Apple deliberately misrepresented the Nike+ Fitness Band. While Nike and Apple both deny the allegations, the companies have agreed to settle the lawsuit to avoid a long litigation process.

Important Information

  • The settlement isn’t finalized, and the courts haven’t actually ruled that the companies did anything illegal
  • The settlement terms decree that Nike will furnish either a $25.00 Nike store gift certificate or a $15.00 cash payment for each Nike+ Fitness Band purchased
  • Customers can choose whether they want to receive the gift certificate or the cash payout
  • In order to receive their portion of the settlement, customers must file a claim form online

As with all class action settlements, customers who opt to receive a payout abandon their right to sue Nike or Apple regarding the Nike+ Fuel Band. Customers who want to retain their right to file their own suit must opt out of the settlement no later than 22 September.

How to Receive Your Payment

  • •Visit www. gilardigateway.com/nikefuelbandsettlement/Claimant to enter your Claim ID and access code
  • If you don’t have an ID or access code, click the link under the “Log In” button and follow the instructions
  • While dates aren’t finalized, it’s estimated that claimants will receive their settlement early in 2016.

Depending on how many claimants file, you may receive more than $15.00 per unit, although that isn’t a guarantee. You’ll receive at least $15.00 or a $25.00 gift certificate for each Nike+ FuelBand you purchased. If you have any questions or concerns, call 877-231-8644 to contact the Claims Administrator.