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Name Your Beats

  • Registering a Beats By Dre products gives the user important get product updates, as well as access to promotions and special offers
  • Beats Electronics was founded in 2008 and is one of the most recognized and most popular brands in the speaker and headphone business today
  • Naming or renaming Beats headphones helps the user track the headphones if they’re ever lost or stolen

Beats by Dre headphones are some of the most liked headphones in the world today, so it’s important for users to take care of their Beats Electronics devices. Beats offers customers the option to name or rename their device when a new one is purchased to help track that device in the even that it’s ever lost or stolen. A record of every name a Beats device has ever has is kept, and this name can be easily traced to a specific user’s details.

To name or rename a Beats device, you will need to have the Beats Updater app for Windows or Apple. Start up the Beats Updater program, and make sure that your Beats device is turned on, and that it is plugged into a computer using a micro USB cable that supports data transfer.

Beats Electronics was founded in 2008 by Dr. Dre, and quickly became one of the most recognizable names in the headphone and speaker industry. Beats has just under 1,000 employees and has an annual revenue of $1.5 billion. Beats originally was partnered with the Monster audio and video company, but ended that contract after just a few years, and now offers their own Beats music subscription service.

Beats by Dre headphone are not without controversy and critics though, as it has been revealed that some Beats headphones have an artificially increased weight to give the impression of quality construction and durability.