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My Virgin Money

  • Virgin Money makes managing your finances just a little easier
  • Manage insurance, including travel, life, home, car, and pet
  • Control savings, investments, mortgages and pensions

When it comes to money, it can be difficult to know that you’re handling everything properly. But what if there was someone that would walk you through every step of the way? Whether you’re purchasing home insurance, setting up investments, or checking to make sure you have enough in your retirement fund, Virgin Money is here to help.

With a Virgin Money account, you can find help with anything related to your finances. Virgin believes that a healthy financial life starts with knowledge. That’s why they have set out to simplify everything. Think of it as a warehouse that holds all of your financial accounts and information, and makes sure that you’re utilizing those accounts in the right way.

  • Educational guides will help your make the right decisions about your finances
  • Look through a range of mortgages to find the one that’s perfect for your needs. Whether you’re purchasing a new home or refinancing one that you’ve lived in for 40 years, it can be a confusing process. With Virgin’s help, you can find a mortgage tailored specifically to your needs
  • Watch a series of three minute films designed to give you the basics of finances in easily understood terms

Virgin is especially focused on the next generation. They have the “Make £5 Grow” program in schools to help institute an early foundation about money, encouraging children to save and invest by showing them how money grows. They also provide special mentoring for young entrepreneurs in the Northeast and East Anglia through a partnership with Virgin StartUp. The Young Enterprise national competition for primary schools is designed to inspire creativity and introduce entrepreneurship to young people.

To contact Virgin about your Virgin Money account:

  • 0800 011 3210