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Truett’s Pizza Café Customer Survey

  • Loyal customers can now take advantage of exclusive savings whenever they eat at Truett’s Pizza Café.
  • Truett’s is offering special discounts and coupons as part of its customer survey promotion.
  • It’s incredibly easy to claim a discount – just complete Truett’s online customer survey and you’ll automatically receive a redemption code.

Get ready for a ton of special offers from Truett’s Pizza Café! For just a few minutes of your time, Truett’s will let you redeem all kinds of specials including coupons, discounts, and even free food! Offers change constantly, so take the survey often to be sure you get them all.

Important Information

  • Truett’s requires you to enter a validation code in order to access the survey. Codes are 22 digits long, and you can find them at the bottom of your receipt.
  • Promotional items rotate frequently. Each receipt provides details on a specific offer. Your 22-digit receipt number unlocks a redemption code good for the offer on your receipt.
  • With very few exceptions, Truett’s won’t allow you to combine your promotional offer with other discounts or coupons.

On the survey, Truett’s asks very specific questions, and even asks for your zip code. Don’t worry –  your information is safe. The company won’t sell your information to third parties. Truett’s uses the information on your survey to gauge overall company success, and to improve customer service going forward.

How to Get Your Promotional Offer

  • Visit the My Truetts Pizza Cafe Visit
  • Enter you 22-digit validation code.
  • Answer each question thoroughly and honestly.
  • Once you submit your survey, a redemption code will appear on screen. Copy it down and take it with you next time you visit Truett’s to redeem the offer on your receipt.

With dozens of special offers available, Truett’s customer survey promotion is a great way to consistently receive fantastic promotions simply for making your voice heard! Take the survey as soon as possible to get the most out of this awesome promotion.