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My Ribbon Gift

  • To redeem a Ribbon gift card, customers start by choosing their country and language at the top of the page, and then entering their redemption code on the back of the card
  • Once a customer enters their redemption number, they’ll see a list of gifts they can choose from
  • Ribbon Gift Cards are unique because they do not actually show the dollar value that is available to spend on the gift card. Instead, recipients are shown a list of free gifts they can choose from.

Ribbon gift cards are a great gift for the “hard to shop for” person, for a graduate, a new parent, or just someone who deserves a gift. A gift card from Ribbon is far more personal than a traditional gift card, because the purchaser chooses what items they want the recipient to be able to choose from. Once the recipient chooses an item, the purchase price is charged to the person that bought the Ribbon gift card, and the recipient waits on their gift to arrive! Essentially, people just pick out a bunch of gifts, and the recipient chooses the one they like the most!

My Ribbon Gift Comments

  • Gifts include high-end brand-name merchandise
  • Gift cards include special categories such as kids, babies, weddings, and living well

And even better than traditional gift cards, Ribbon gift cards won’t be tossed in a drawer and forgotten about. All items purchased with a Ribbon card come with a 180 day satisfaction guarantee, meaning they can be returned for any reason.

What Ribbon Gift Cards Are Available?

Ribbon Gift Cards come in a wide variety of colors (in case you want to match a specific theme), and a variety of special occasions like “I Do,” “Just For Baby,” “Just For Kids,” and an all-around “Congratulations.”

To contact a representative about a Ribbon gift card:

  • Call 844-RIBBON1

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