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My Pepsi Co

  • Pepsi employees can use the MyPepsico website to handle virtually all of their HR, payroll, and benefits requests, including viewing paychecks, finding their tax information and more
  • The MyPepsico online portal is also available to Pepsi retirees
  • Users who forget their MyPepsico password can click the link to request a new one, but they will be required to answer two authorization questions

PepsiCo employees who need access to their benefits information can use the MyPepsico web site to find everything they need like benefits info, request time off, and viewing their service time. Employees who do not yet have an account with MyPepsi will need to create one. To create a MyPepsico account, users will need to select their employee type, and enter their 8-digit GPID number. After that, they will need to enter their date of birth to create a temporary MyPepsico password.

My Pepsi Co Comments

  • Free to use for all Pepsi employees
  • Continued use of this system implies consent to monitoring and an understanding that recording and/or disclosure of any data on the system may occur at PepsiCo’s discretion
  • Any employment related HR issues should be directed to the manager in charge

The MyPepsico and Pepsi Identity Management website is intended for employees of Pepsi, and any access of this system by an unauthorized employee may bring on criminal charges.

More to Know About Pepsico:

  • Has their current headquarters in Purchase, New York
  • Approximately 275,000 employees work for PepsiCo around the world in distribution, bottling, shipping, and more
  • Primary competitor is the The Coca-Cola Company, who Pepsi passed for the first time in annual revenue in over 100 years in the year 2005

Pepsi was founded in 1898, but PepsiCo was started in 1965 when the Pepsi company merged with the Frito Lay Company.  Pepsico is more than just Pepsi soda, but is an international food, snack, and beverage company that generates nearly $110 billion in annual revenue across all of their brands. Any technical questions regarding the MyPepsico Portal should be directed to 1-888-737-7426.  Pepsi accounts for almost 40% of snack food purchases in the United States today and offers more than 20 brands and in over 200 countries around the world.

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