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My On Board Rewards

  • The OnBoard Rewards Alliance Program is a product of SeaStar Solutions
  • SeaStar Solutions Rewards members can login to manage their account, including viewing their point balance, redeeming rewards and more
  • OnBoard rewards works with some of the top brands in the industry like SeaStar, TaylorMade, Sierra, and Shields

When members join the OnBoard Rewards program, they get great benefits like bonus points just for joining, OnBoard points for every single purchase made, chances to earn extra points every month, and they’ll be the first to know about new products. In addition, members will have their business featured on the SeaStar Solutions website.

My On Board Rewards Comments

  • Operated by SeeStar solutions
  • The OnBoard Rewards program has been proven to not just increase name recognition of brands that partner with the program
  • It also to increase store traffic and even expand sales.

More to Know About SeaStar Solutions

SeaStar Solutions is a global supplier of boat parts like throttle and shift controls to steering instruments. The SeaStar corporation first opened in 1943 to work as a supplier of “push pull” systems for United States warplanes. For over 60 years, SeaStar has provided boating companies with the control products they need to make sure their boats are the best in the water.

  • In 1962, SeaStar introduced cable steering for small boats, improving through the 60s and 70s and eventually launching “no feedback” steering, the first torque free cable steering system
  • The SeaStar brand includes several other smaller brands like BayStar, SeaStar Pro, Shields Marine Hose, plus Sierra Engine and Drive Parts.

To contact a representative of the On Board Rewards Program:

  • Use the “feedback” link on their website (please allow up to 3 business days to receive a response via email
  • Customers can leave their phone number in the email but it is not guaranteed they will receive a phone call depending on the nature of the My On Board Rewards issue

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